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AW Collection

SuperRare hosts 1/1 pieces and more unique drops by Grassetti.

All pieces on the platform are sold.


"Turn your face to the sun, and shadows follow behind you"


Art and technology are an extension of ourselves. Challenge the past so we can build the future.  



/We all look for answers. You are the answer, you are the goal/  

Remains of the future past

"We will change everyone, they will remember everything"  

[All that Remains]

"What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from." T.S.Eliot  


Connect with the silence, listen to your heart. 

Fragments #00 - Beauty

"Fragments" are an effort to break down the elements and push the perceptions of the viewer. The rough brush strokes and flow represent the elements that I want to represent in the purest form while hoping we can both feel the same thing while looking at the art, there is an intention behind each stroke. This is the genesis of a bigger collection by Grassetti.  



-Equality- "Be so strong that you can be gentle" Inspired by Hercules and his depiction throughout history.




"Old and new make the warp and woof of every moment. There is no thread that is not a twist of these two strands." Ralph Waldo Emerson  

Date: January 02, 2022

Editions: 1/1 SunFlower


Date: October 28, 2021

Editions: 1/1 AI

Date: October 16, 2021

Editions: 1/1 .Inner_Self

Date: September 12,  2021

Editions: 1/1 Remains of the Future past

Date: September 1, 2021

Editions: 1/1 [All that Remains]

Date: April 16th, 2021

Editions: 1/1 Core


Date: May 18, 2021

Editions: 1/1 Fragments #00 - Beauty


Date: April 16th, 2021

Editions: 1/1 Fearless


Date: April 16, 2021

Editions: 1/1 Generations


Five collections interconnected were dropped in these 3 and more projects are coming soon. This is a long term project by Grassetti that explores traditional media and digital sculpture and how to push the craft into the future


The Transcendent collection was created to reward all of Grassetti's previous collections from Nifty Gateway. For the first time, Grassetti added burn mechanics on Nifty drop.

Collectors were able to burn "Greed and Creation from Core", and "Tear, Luck and Memories from Waves in exchange for 1/50 Resonance. Enigma 1/30 was drafted to Waves collectors, and Musing to all Grassetti pieces from Nifty Gateway. Bloom 1/100 was open to the public.


The collection is meant to create a deeper connection with existing collectors by rewarding previous Nifty Gateway collections with an exclusive piece and opening up for new collectors in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Forever was a reward to full "Core" collectors. Royal allowed all NG collection pieces to be entered,  and Luck only from "Greed and Creation by Core". Waves to the "Generations and Fragments" pieces, and Dreaming to the remaining Core pieces. Memories and Tears were open to the public.


The mechanics of this collection continues to reward previous collectors and give a new opportunity for people to become a part of the community.8 tokens have been minted on this collection. One 1/1, 3 of the tokens were drawn to Generation and Fragments collectors, 2 rewards, and 2 open to the public.



The Fragment's mechanics was created and projected to reward the previous " Generations" collectors. Broken, Time, and Pressure (1/30) were drawn open to the public. Individuality (1/30) was drawn to "Generation and Primitive" and allowed one entry per collector, in the case of Spectrum (1/30) which was a $1 entry and open to any "Generations and Primitive" collectors. Future (1/13) was rewarded and airdropped to the "Generations" full collection holders. Flow (1/10) was only for the top 10 ranked entries




The Generation was the first collection dropped By Raf Grassetti on Nifty Gateway and was open to everyone who owned 1 NFT on Nifty.

Date: November 28th, 2022

Total Pieces: 401

Editions: 4 - 1/30 Enigma, 1/30 Musing, 1/50 Resonance, 1/100 Bloom
Collection link:


Date: Apr 24, 2022

Total Pieces: 506 

Editions: 7 - 1/16 Forever, 1/30 Waves, 1/30 Dreaming, 1/30 Royal, 1/100 Luck, 1/150 Memories, 1/150 Tears
Collection link:


Date: December 15th, 2021

Total Pieces: 401 editions

Editions: 8 - 1/1 Confidente, 1/5 Complete, 1/5 Unstoppable, 1/150 Greed, 1/150 Creation, 1/30Kindnes, 1/30 Knowledge, 1/30 Meaning
Collection link:


Date: August 28th, 2021

Total Pieces: 173 editions

Editions: 7 - 1/10 Flow, 1/13 Future, 1/30 Spectrum, 1/30 Individuality, 1/30 Pressure, 1/30 Time, 1/30 Broken

Collection link:


Date: May 31st, 2021

Total Pieces: 401 editions

Editions: 4 - 1/30 Heart, 1/30 Body, 1/30 Mind, 1/30 Soul
Collection link:


Meme Kingdom
The first token dropped on the Meme Kingdom was an OG Frog which was airdropped as a reward to all "Verified" Birds collectors plus another piece of the collection MEME KINGDOM ANIMAL. 

Since then 15 more tokens have been dropped during this time and each of the tokens has its mechanics to play with. Most of the mechanics are focused on current collectors, and the idea is always to bring them value by giving them better opportunities to play the game even more. Burning is the main key of this collection!

... the adventure continues

Last drop: 1/78 Disappointed

Meme Kingdom tokens: 1/111 OG Pepe, 1/111 Satoshi, 1/111 Cozy, 1/111 Hopium, 1/111 Clown, 1/222 Hands, 1/222 Cheers, 1/111 This is Fine, 1/111 Cop, 1/111 Wagmi, 1/84 Bear, 1/111 Chad, 1/99 Pepesaur, 1/95 Joker, 1/84 Im loving' it, 1/111 Disappointed.

Minted: 1693 Tokens

Burned: 276 Tokens 
Collection and Website link:


All That Remains
Iron Coin of Facelees (1/555 edition) was the first piece dropped under the All That Remains collection. It was a stealth drop, and after revealing the collectors granted a discord channel access to move forward with the next phases of the game. Iron Con This was the first piece dropped by Raf to support ASH.

After Coin has dropped, phase 1 was the next step of the game and the Coin owners automatically granted two entries to purchase the Tier 1 masks (Alpha, Orion, and Sirius). Merge and burn came to the game in Phase 2 and allowed multiple burns in exchange for Gama, Vega, Echo, and Nova, all tier 2 masks. 
Phase 3 was a mix of Airdrop and Burn mechanics to collectors from Tier 1 and Tier 2 masks. Andromeda and Cepheus were given throughout this phase. 

The Journey Continues...

First drop: 1/555 Coin of the Faceless

Tier 1 Masks: 1/299 Alpha, Orion, and Sirius

Tier 2 Masks: 1/111 Gama, 1/124 Vega, 1/11 Echo, and 1/87 Nova.

Tier 3 Masks: 1/73 Andromeda and 1/40 Cepheus.

Burned: 882 pieces have been burned during the game. 
Collection and Website link:


Fragments: Dreams of Color
Sotheby has listed the NFT in its Collection of contemporary-curated at lot no 112. Collectors were able to bid on this NFT using Ethereum and the Bid started at $500.

Dreams of color is an NFT originally an audiovisual of 26 seconds in length with background music given by GentleJammers.


Total pieces: 1/1 Fragments: Dreams of Color that got split into 5 pieces after drop
Collection and Website link:


Lady Justice 

This work to me represents a period of deep reflection, by using figures that most of us can relate to, I'm presenting ideas about decentralization, what it means, and how it can impact our future.

There are a lot of elements that each person is to interpret in different ways but a few things shouldn't go unnoticed.

The Lady Justice was part of  "PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY: A Curated NFT Sale by Lady Pheonix" created by Christie's.
All the arts were dropped in Lots and Lady Justice was dropped in Lot 11 and received one of the highest bids in the auction.

Total pieces: 1/1 Lady Justice
Collection and Website link:


The Official Muhammad Ali Collection
Inspired by Muhammad’s quote “The man who has no imagination has no wings,” Raf Grassetti has created this hyper-detailed edition of one as an homage to Muhammad the heavyweight champion, activist, philanthropist, and global messenger of peace.
Muhammad Ali Enterprises has partnered with Ethernity to eternalize Ali’s legacy in the blockchain.

The artwork of this collection was inspired by each detail of Muhammad Ali and his fantastic career to helping us to remember the greatest of all time.
G.O.A.T (1/100 edition) to represent Ali itself. Sting (1/500) was inspired by Muhammad Ali's boxes of gloves and Float (1/100) to express his speed, unparalleled footwork, and ability to take a punch. A 1/1 Inspired by Muhammad’s quote “The man who has no imagination has no wings". This NFT came whit a physical pair of boxing gloves signed by Muhammad Ali.

The Bruce Lee" The formless Form"

Bruce Lee collection is a collab with the Ethernity platform. 

A student of many lineages of martial arts, Bruce Lee took nothing for granted as he honed his craft and forged his own path that would resonate for generations to come. 

The Formless 1/60 was created and every fight is an occasion to break through the illusions that imprison our boundless spirits.

The 1/1 Dragon's represented past and his future facing legacy were mere specters in comparison to the quality of mind, physical power, and spiritual awareness he brought to the present moment.

Muhammad Ali pieces: 1/1 Wings - 1/100  G.O.A.T - 1/100 Float, 1/500 Sting.
Collection and Website link:


Bruce Lee pieces: 1/1 The Dragon - 1/60 Formless 
Collection and Website link:

Anchor 1

Meme Kingdom Animal tokens: 1/250 Verified, 1/100 Monkey See, Monkey do, 1/10 Paranoid, 1/1 The Goat

Collection and Website link:


Meme Kingdom (Animal)

Exploring human behavior through their emoji representations is like finding human nature in animals. The Internet culture evolved through emojis and the meaning people created around using them. This collection attempts to make people think about how we became the internet culture over the years and the emoji representation.

Five NFTs were dropped under this collection. Holders of Verified 1/250 had received discord collector access via the token. Monkey see,  Monley do 1/100 was the first Tokem dropped by Raf which became a physical statue to the holders. Paranoid 1/10 represents human behavior,  and The Goat 1/1 is the king of the Meme and also turned into a physical statue of his owner.


The reward to the collectors of MEME KINGDOM ANIMAL was the first Pepe (OG) dropped under the new collection created by Raf MEME KINGDOM which is one of the most successful collections nowadays.


Crypto History Series1: 1/1 NotArt, 1/1 TotheMoon, 1/1 Maverick, 1/1 Ethereum, 1/1 Bitcoin?, 1/1 Fewocity, 1/1 Cardano, 1/1 SnoopDoge 
Collection and Website link:

Crypto History
Crypto History came to "immortalizing in digital Stone" some of the most recognized names in the digital transformation.

It was the first collection created by Raf Grassetti to explore the digital NFT world at the beginning of 2021.
Series01 Crypto had eight 1/1 pieces dropped and each piece had the same mechanics, open auction to the highest bid placed in a space of the time. The entire collection received one of the highest volumes of ETH transactions on the Foundation app.

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