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AW Collection

Throughout history, statues reflected its place, its society, its time. I’ve studied and carried the legacy of timeless classical sculpture into the 21st century through my work with modern digital tools by exploring modern subjects and providing a means through history by which we can connect with our past and its relationship with our ever-changing present.

This work to me represents a period of deep reflection, by using figures that most of us can relate to, I'm presenting ideas about decentralization, what it means and how it can impact our future.

There are a lot of elements that each person is to interpret in different ways but a few things shouldn't go unnoticed. the sword symbolizes enforcement and respect, it sits on the neck of the accused but instead of punishment, it serves as a sense of clear judgment, raising the accused’s head and offering a new path. The books and snakes serve as a reflection of the old ways and corruption on our systems. Golden eyes are now visible and reveal the ability to see everything through a clear and open lens, the youth in her arms and the ask for help is a new belief in the system, providing care and protection with equality over her wings to this new generation. The gold being the most malleable of metals is used in contrast with the stone material, slowly spreading to everything it touches. A slow change into the right path and spreading those ideals into our future.


I'm honored to have this work as a part of

Christie's PROOF OF SOVEREIGNTY: A Curated NFT Sale by Lady PheOnix


⚖️ Lady Justice

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