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AW Collection
Raf Grassetti returns to NG with his second release, 'Fragments'!


This collection is the first in a series by Raf Grassetti called 'Fragments': The perception of the human face and body serve as a basis for much of human social exchange, diverse information can be extracted about an individual from a single glance at their face and expression, including their identity and emotional state. 'Fragments' is an effort to break down those expressions and bring attention to the viewers perception of faces, bodies and the stories they tell. The rough brush strokes and flow showcase Grassetti's sculptures in their purest form. Through this technique, Grassetti hopes the viewer can see and feel the intention behind every stroke. Grassetti is one of the most well-known artists and digital sculptors in the world. Through his own unique style, he is pushing the technical limits of what can be achieved with the digital medium.

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