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This is the long-awaited collaboration between Grassetti and Micah Johnson's Aku. This project is a limited crypto series that explores the potential of Aku's message. Explore the Collection


"Digital art for everyone"

Part of the profits from the Grassetti x Aku's collection will be used to buy computers and build art classes to support Brazilian communities in need by teaching digital painting and digital sculpting to the next generation. Grassetti has been supporting young artists from Brazil over the years by buying tablets and computers and this will expand those efforts and impact more people in collaboration with charity organizations and local artists. Make sure to join on twitter, discord and instagram for more updates as we go through this journey together and impact people's lives through art and technology.

The work is being done in partnership with Materia Rima and the artist Pixote Mushi in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will bring free digital art education to a lot of young minds. 

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AW Collection
"Aku represents any and everyone whose felt there were limits to their dreams."

Meet Aku: The Moon God 

Aku was born from a question,
“Mom, can astronauts be black?”

His journey is one that takes him across the universe in pursuit of his dreams. Always pushing the limits and proving anything is possible.

The piece will be released and displayed during Miami's Art Basel at Aku World and available for purchasing and a part of

Grassetti's Open Sea Collection

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