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2021 Character Art Contest by Grassetti


Sculpt a 3D character bust using your favorite software inspired by the "Underworld" theme. It can be sci fi, fantasy, horror, whatever you prefer, Fan art is not ok for this, must be original art.

Artwork needs to be created from scratch for the contest so you must share the progress of your work by tagging @ rafagrassetti on instagram or twitter, or on Grassetti's English Discord ( 

Final artwork must be submitted on Instagram, Twitter or Discord by November 28th. Final winners will be a mix of public voting on Grassetti's accounts for more exposure to the final works and final selections will be made by Grassetti. Winners will be announced on December 1st


This year we have the amazing support of @Xppenusa , @anycubic3dprint and @pixologic

1st Place

1- XP-Pen Artist Pro 16TP

- Anycubic Photon Mono +2 bottle of resins 

- Pixologic T-shirt and Hat


2nd Place

- XP-Pen Artist 24

- Anycubic Mega S

- Pixologic T-shirt and Hat

3rd Place

- XP-Pen Artist 22 (2nd Generation)

- 2 spools of PLA or 2 bottle of Resins

- Pixologic T-shirt and Hat


4th Place

- Artist Pro 16

- Pixologic T-shirt and Hat


5th Place

- Deco Pro M Wireless

- Pixologic T-shirt and Hat



Theme - "Underworld"

discord -

instagram-  @rafagrassetti

Twitter - @rafagrassetti


Deadline - November 28th

Winners announced - December 1st

Have fun! See you on the other side..

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