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Raf worked as an art director on the re-design of the God of War Franchise, helped to build a team and execute on the vision to make the Playstation title what it is today.

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Raf Grassetti has been instrumental as an art director in the gaming industry, driving the creative vision behind the redesign of several iconic game franchises.



Some of the work done for comic book covers over the years. Clients include DC, Marvel and Image Comics


Design Work

Character Concept Design and Fanart redesign work. For the full gallery visit his artstation and instagram page.


Raf has been working over the past decade making toys and statues of beloved characters for clients like Sideshow, Mcfarlane Toys, and Hasbro


Digital Arts

Raf is known by his original art and style, pushing the medium of digital sculpting on his collections.

Learning Center

Character Art Workshop is an online platform offering a wide range of courses and workshops tailored specifically for character artists.
The Mentorship Program is designed to help artists advance their careers.

Online Store

Add a limited edition statue created by Raf to your collection